Isn't it time you started enjoying your Bible?

Join me as I teach you Six powerful reading habits to eliminate deadly distractions and enjoy your Bible reading. It's time for better Bible reading.

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The Better Bible Reading Podcast is now home to several new editions, each dedicated to helping more people in more ways than ever before!

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A critical analysis of the world in which we live with the Word of God.


Quick tips to guide you, from my 6-step Bible reading process.


Develop a personal conviction of both what and why you believe.


Study Bible and theology from these curated sermons and lectures.


'Winging it' should not be what describes our Bible reading. Making the most of our lives by enjoying the precious gift of God's word requires a concerted effort, a plan, and consistency. I want that for you, and I'm here to help you each step of the way.


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  • Watch a growing library of video courses in 'The Classroom'
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  • AND, special offers to enjoy all year long!

A Better Way to Learn, One Day at a Time.


"The BBR Community is loaded with four unique learning methods to ensure you have every opportunity to grow as a Christian and an avid Bible reader. If you're ready to dive deep into a life of study and personal reflection, I'll be thrilled for you to join me!"

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