What Is The Bible- The Question Every Reader Must Answer

What is the Bible? The Question Every Reader Must Answer- Episode 3

The Better Bible Reading Podcast With Kevin Morris

On today’s episode of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin discusses the important conversation that lies behind the question, what is the Bible? How we answer that question has massive implications for how we read and study the Bible. While everyone has their answer to this question, not every answer can be right.

Following our conversation last week we must ask this important question. But how we answer this question is going to have monumental impact on everything we do concerning scripture, church attendance, Christianity, and much more. Because I know the direction we’re going in the upcoming episodes, I think this episode will serve as a bridge to some of the conversations we’re going to have in the future, especially when we get into genres in scripture. 

So put on your thinking cap for this episode- we’re diving into philosophy (from a biblical perspective of course). Is the Bible presumption, man’s best attempt to describe and depict God, God’s word to us, ultimate truth, or something totally different?

Find out today by listening to episode 3!

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