Verse Quotations- Better Bible Reading Podcast Episode 11

Verse Quotations- Episode 11

The Better Bible Reading Podcast With Kevin Morris

Verse Quotations. What are they?

Today, I answer that question in episode 11 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast. Continuing from last week, we’re working through our series on the writing methods and styles used in the Bible. Episode 11 is about the writing style of the New Testament authors, known simply as Old Testament verse quotations. First, you’ll learn about the three different types of verse quotations. Next, I’ll talk about how to improve your Bible reading with them.

The Fulfillment Verse

Firstly, we have fulfillments. This format is the ‘this took place to fulfill’ sentences. The gospel of Matthew gives us repeated fulfillment sentences about Jesus and His ministry as Messiah.

The Quotation Verse

Secondly, we have quotations. I like to refer to these as theological conclusions. Think of these as part of a courtroom setting. The writer is trying to build a case for us with compelling evidence. Hebrews 1 contains great examples of quotations.

The Allusion Verse

Finally, we have allusions. Don’t mistake these for distortions. For distortions, we use the word illusions. Instead, allusions are subtle, indirect quotations. Allusions are frequent in the book of Revelation.

Action Steps For You

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