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Hey friends, welcome to the Better Bible Reading Podcast. Kevin Morris here with you. I wanted to give you a quick update of what to expect fact on this show for the rest of this year, as well as what's going on beyond the show over on the website. It’s good to have a little bit of an update because for some of us, we're entering the end of the year, even though it's only August!

It seems like once we're done with our summer vacations school starts back up work starts to look a little more regular that the year just flies by because we're getting ready to celebrate just a torrent of different holidays. And so whenever we're busy doing those kinds of things, the year just comes to a close before we know it.

Regarding the podcast, many of you have been encouraging to me, and I hope that you've enjoyed what has been (for the better part of this year) a totally new thing that I wanted to try. And that was to move from one episode a week to three to four episodes a week. And that has been a challenge for me.

It's been fun and hopefully it's been just something different for you. This is really the third year that I've done this podcast and I thought it would be fun to just change things up a little bit. So we had Five Minutes to Better Bible Reading, Giving an Answer, Culturology and of course we had Teaching Thursdays as well, but what we didn't have was a lot of these less formal conversations such as this, where I could really get into a variety of different topics, or just focus on one particular topic for longer than five or six minutes.

And this more of what the normal was with better Bible reading as the podcast was launched, those of you who've been listening since day one know that. What I've been doing in my life this year was really trying to do a bunch of trial and error to figure out what would work and what wouldn't work for this, which is essentially a hobby for me. There's been some interest on, on my part to try to make some video courses and eBooks, and maybe even looking into print books as well.

But of course you can only do so much in any given day when you have other responsibilities. And that's really what the show is about is figuring out how that dynamic works in our Bible reading, because we're often trying to fit our Bible, reading into the complicated rhythm of life that we might have, or maybe it's so complicated it's not really a rhythm at all.

And that's kind of been ironically what I've been doing with this show, with the website, with what I'm doing and trying to help you out. And so what I wanted to do was double down and even triple down, going into this year, launching some new additions of the podcast and really see what worked and what didn't work. And just from a statistics standpoint, I'm really excited with how things have kind of slowly but surely progressed this year in terms of the number of downloads and those kinds of things on apple podcasts and Spotify, and all the other places that you can listen to this, or if you're on YouTube watching this in video form.

And so I've been trying to do that and play around with it and see what works, but overall it really, in my opinion, as, as the creator, it really hasn't been the greatest advantage for all of us. And, and the reason that I say that is because the nature of podcast is that it's very ‘external and out there’.

And that's a little counterintuitive for what I've been trying to do as being a teacher, being an instructor, being a helper to use, to be a little bit more hands-on and have a little bit more communication. And so I can crank out podcasts as I've been doing, but because they're just thrown out there and you're catching them on an external site or an external app, then there's not a great opportunity for interaction.

There's great opportunity for you to just consume what I send to you, but for us to really take an opportunity to grow and to cultivate the kind of things that we talk about on this show, more podcasts isn't necessarily the greatest way to achieve that. And so I've been thinking, going into the rest of this year, well, what can we do? How do we fix that, that kind of broken dynamic?


And what I decided to do going forward for the rest of this year is to go back to the typical once a week show, which going by the old way of orienting it, it was a regular kind of off the cuff show, such as this, that you're listening to now, and then the next week going into our Teaching Thursdays, alternating to where you basically have two episodes like this and two teaching Thursdays a month. I think that's what I want to do again, we're still going through 1st Peter on Teaching Thursdays.

I have another book that I want to go through with you after we're done with 1st Peter. And I think it'll be really great for us to do that, but it'll also free up this podcast on just your normal Thursdays to have somewhat of more intensive conversations about the Christian life, or maybe about some of the topics that we've talked about on Five Minutes of Better Bible Reading or Giving an Answer or Culturology that I can present to you kind of in summary form on those shows, but we don't really have time to get into more of the dynamics of those things.


And so then the name of the game for me as a content creator is really to get you interacting with me on the website. I mentioned before that idea of external sources. So you can find what I publish on YouTube. You can find what I publish on Facebook. You can find what I published on your apple podcast or Google play or whatever you use, but I'm not there. That's just a platform that I've used to put my stuff out there where I really am if you want to even use it in, in that manner of speaking is I'm on my own website. I'm on better Bible reading.com.

And as I think about that, I think what we should do and what really is the best way going forward for what I've been trying to do on this show and, and so on and so forth is to get all of us there because there, we don't have to deal with the promotion there. We don't have to deal with the, whether you find it, whether you're on Facebook, when I make the post, whether you can find that I posted something on YouTube, along with all your other subscriptions going on my home turf, as it were digitally speaking betterBiblereading.com is the best way to find me at a place that I'm always at. And so that means that as we go forward, you'll be able to start finding these shows once a week in video form. Again, I'm going to bring that back. We've been doing basically audio only, and it hasn't really done great on YouTube because YouTube is a video platform.


For me to send out things and to post things that I can't do in an audio form, such as written articles. And you can actually go back months and months ago and find that I used to do a lot of that. I used to do a lot of that on the better Bible reading website. So you'd have cast episodes. You'd also have written articles that you could find and everything was, was there, but trying to grow the website and get it in a more of a user-friendly format has been pretty challenging. And I won't bore you with all the technical details, but I've been scouring the web to try to find ways for me to build the kind of thing that I want to build for better Bible reading in a way that was very user-friendly to all of you who want to go to the website and find things and use them to your advantage.

And so I, the first website I built just didn't have that option for me. Then I relaunched the website because I didn't have what I, what I wanted. And I was having to send everybody to all of these third-party websites, just to have what I wanted. And so I relaunched the website on a platform that I could have everything on, but because this is a small thing because my patrons really helped me offset the cost of what it takes to publish things on the internet. As you would imagine, this isn't free, it costs money to publish your podcast, to host a website and all of that kind of stuff. And what I found was an all in one thing, but it was so expensive that the amount of money that my patrons support, it just wasn't enough. And I was having to triple that with money out of pocket, and it just turned into this really complicated thing that just wasn't going to work out.


And so finally the last month or so, I found a way after trying to revert back to the first way I was doing, getting, there were so many bugs and so many complicated things that I'm having to tell you that after all of that headache and after all of that complication over two years that I have relaunched better Bible reading.com and you can go to the website and I am happy to say that at least at this point, it seems that the website is functioning and has everything that I want to have and at an affordable price, so that I don't have to get rid of it or find a different way to do it three weeks from now or two months from now or one year from now.

And so what I want to encourage you to do is the long way of saying that going forward, you can still listen to these podcasts once a week, every Thursday there'll be launched and could still listen to them on apple or whatever you use.

But I want to encourage you to meet me where I'm at. So to speak, to go to better Bible reading.com, where you can find the video form of these podcasts, where you can leave comments, where you can read articles that will start to be published on more of a regular basis, that you can find video courses that I'm developing.

There's so much there. And it's all, it's an all in one thing, instead of having to send you to a different website or having to find me on this social media platform or that, that you can just go better. Bible reading.com with a fully functional working website. And that way you can interact with me straight up, you don't have to find me somewhere else. And I think that's really the best plan going forward. If you continue to listen to this show, if you are appreciative and supportive of what I'm doing, then I just want to encourage you to go to betterBiblereading.com and find me there because that's where I really want to hunker down and build this thing for as much as the Lord will allow me to build it going forward.


And I think that's going to be a great thing for us, because that way I can get you everything that I want to get you without having to wait for you to create an account over here or pay, you know, all these social media platforms, a whole bunch of money, just so you can see what I'm trying to say to you. And so that's the, that's the complicated thing for those of us who are publishers and creators online, is that it's easy, easier than ever to do. But because everybody wants to make money and you really can't blame people for creating platforms and wanting to make money, but you have to pay in so much and it gets so complicated and just very non-user friendly for those of you who are just trying to watch and listen. And so going forward, just go to better Bible reading.com if I can encourage you in that way.

And in fact, when you go there, what I want to encourage you to do even more so is subscribe. You can subscribe just by providing your email and that way I can communicate with you on a regular basis, you can find out exactly when the podcast episode is live. You can find out when a new article has been published, you can find out what kind of video courses and different ideas that I have that are coming down the line.

You can find out about that directly from me. You don't have to hope that you didn't miss a Facebook post or didn't miss a YouTube video or something like that. So I think that's the best option but please reach out to me.

You can reach betterbiblereading@gmail.com

if want to contact me. If you have any questions, if you have any suggestions for the future going forward, I would be totally happy for you to reach out to me in that way. And I do want to say that Culturology Five Minutes to Better Bible Reading, Giving an Answer. I do plan to revisit those down the road. Maybe there'll be seasonal. I don't really know. And for those of you who really enjoyed those, this is a great opportunity for you to just send me some feedback of maybe which one you liked the best or what you would like to see more of, or maybe a change you would like to have done to one of them.

But I think it might be a great idea to revisit those next year sometime or something like that. But for now, I'm going to table those and go back to our main staple of the better Bible reading podcast, which is a new episode every Thursday. And I hope that you appreciate that besides that are coming out in the future. And at the time of you listening to this or watching this, you can expect the new episode which we'll jump back into teaching Thursdays with 1st Peter, we still got about a chapter in some change left to finish in that book. You can hope to or you can expect to see that or listen to it this upcoming Thursday. And so please kind of pay attention to that. And if you're worried about missing when that's launched or communication from me, just head over to betterBiblereading.com subscribe and that way we're good to go.


There's no question as to whether you'll miss or not miss something new that's coming down the line. All right. Well hopefully you have plans in place to make the best of the rest of this year. This is some somewhat of my pitch to you. Every year, I like to revisit the idea of how you've been doing in your Bible reading plan. If you don't want to use that formal language, just how have you been doing reading God's word? Are you regular? Are you consistent? Is it joyful to you? Are you having a great time interacting with his word?

Well, if you've started the year strong and you fallen off the tracks, the encouragement is that you're still alive. You're still here. You're still on this side of glory. And therefore the Lord wants you to partake in the things that he's given us on this side of heaven, to commune with him and to grow into mature. And that is his word. And so go back to his word. Don't fall into the temptation to say this year is totally blown; “I have messed up in all of my best-case scenario, new year's resolutions. I’m not doing great at those at all do.”

Just stand back up and keep going down the track, keep your progress in growth and holiness and your appreciation for God's word, whatever kind of plan that you had or whatever routine that you had.

Just pick it back up, where you left off and keep going and make the best of the rest of this year. God will be pleased with that. He will honor that. And if you don't have a Bible reading plan, if you're totally nervous and concerned about what in the world you can do to have a regular Bible reading process to approach God's word without confusion, to approach God's word with elimination of those distractions, that just kill your time and steal your concentration. Then let me encourage you to go to betterBiblereading.com.


You'll see at the very top of the page, as soon as you get there, Better Reading for Life, my video course to you to teach you how to read the Bible, to teach you how to go from zero routine zero plan to a plan that can be tweaked as much as you want repeated for the rest of your life. And to build those simple yet profound principles of studying God's word. If you went and just started the course day one very first thing on there, it would take you just a few hours to go through the whole thing, or you can break it up as much as you want my free course from me to you to teach you exactly how to build a plan for your life, to read the Bible and to make the most of what God has given you, and that is His precious word.

You'll see Better Reading for Life at the very top of the page, enroll for free. Again, it's my free course for me to you as just a way of saying thank you for being a listener and thank you for being a supporter of the show, a shout out to my patrons, because without their support, I would not have been able to create something like this. And so if you're interested in being a supporter of me and the content that I'm trying to make, you can go to Patreon.com/betterbiblereading And you can choose a support tier as your way of saying, I believe in what you're doing, and I want to help you continue to cultivate better Bible reading as a platform for people to grow in their knowledge of the word and their joy of reading the word.

Okay, so you have a lot to do. You can pick whichever one of those applies to you the most, but again, my encouragement make the best of the rest of this year. God gives every day to us as a gift, regardless of how dark the days seem, regardless of how complicated and troubling the headlines of the day are. Just remember that the Lord is God. Remember that he has absolute control and He is accomplishing His purposes from one corner of the earth to the other. And He's using us to do that, but He makes us privy to so much of that, even though there's things that we can't know and things that belong to God alone, in terms of knowledge, God has revealed so much to us in his word, Deuteronomy 29:29, right? The secret things belong to the Lord, but the things he has revealed belong to us and to our children forever.

Capitalize on the things He's revealed! There's so much he's revealed that we don't know about because we're not opening up His word and to learn of them. And so my encouragement is learn everything you can, because if God gave it to us, it is worth knowing and learning.

All right. thank you so much. It's been a great year. It's been a, a really, a growing year for me personally, in my continued academic studies and the growth of my family from, from one child to two, my wife and I are thrilled for the Lord's blessing. And we're also thrilled at all the new challenges that it makes. And so many of you who already have kids understand that, and, and you understand if you're doing school full time and trying to work and trying to just find a place for everything.

And so I know that I'm not alone in any of that, but there's no, if you're in any of that that I'm coming alongside you by way of sympathy and also encouraging you to keep trucking along in God's word. All right. So thank you for listening or watching the better Bible reading podcast. I will see you next Thursday, but until then I will see you over at betterbiblereading.com.

If nothing else, please go to the website and just check it out. I hope that it's a very user-friendly experience for you, and if there's any issue with it, just reach out to me betterbiblereading@gmail.com. Thanks so much.

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