The KJV Wide Margin Bible with Large Print

The KJV Wide Margin Bible with Large Print is a great Bible to add to your personal library. Even though I use my ESV wide margin Bible more often, I find that this Bible is a great supplement for many reasons. So what makes this Bible stand out? Why should you get it and how should you use it?

In this video, I'll show you what makes this Bible stand out, and offer some ideas for how to use it as your primary or secondary wide margin Bible.

Favorite Feature:

The cross-reference system is minimalistic and easy to use!

  • Font Size: 11 pt Margin Size: 1.5 inches (3 inches on each page)

  • Publisher: Hendrickson Bibles

  • Translation: King James Version (KJV)

  • Published: 2013

Least Favorite Feature:

The only thing I find myself being picky about with this Bible is the fact that the cross-reference system after each verse doesn't specify if the cross-reference is a reference verse or a direct citation from the Old Testament. Compare for example the ESV wide margin cross-reference system that does specify.


If you find yourself stuck with a modern translation, the KJV wide margin Bible is an excellent way to fall in love with the beauty of old English prose. The fact that this Bible is large print makes your reading experience that much easier on the eyes as well. It's great to work slowly through Bible passages, and the KJV translation demands slow reading for many of us who are not used to it. But this is where the wide margins can help aid your reading meditation process!

Like other wide-margin Bibles such as the ESV, I recommend working through the KJV wide margin Bible by studying small amounts at a time.

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