The Continuity and Discontinuity Between the Old and New Testament- An Interview with Josh Hinson

The Continuity and Discontinuity Between the Old and New Testament- Relate- An Interview with Josh Hinson

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Any Bible reader must approach the text with a willingness to explain the difference between the Old and New Testament. These approaches could differ dramatically depending on someone’s interpretation method or church denomination. Today I welcome Josh Hinson, senior pastor of Ortega Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Florida. He’ll talk about the best approach to connecting the Old and New Testament together. This will especially be helpful for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Old Testament’s story line.

In the American church landscape, denominations have changed dramatically over the last few centuries. That is, so there are increasing numbers of non-denominational churches.

On the one hand, ‘non-denominational’ has become a denomination in and of itself. On the other hand, remaining denominations vary more than ever before. Identifying as Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian says almost nothing explicitly. Since denominations are comprised of bible interpretation methods (dispensationalism, covenantal theology), approaches to reading the New Testament could differ dramatically.  Therefore, how one identifies denominationally greatly influences biblical understanding.

Below are the interview questions readers can follow:

1. Josh, will you define what we mean by the “New Testament”?

While this sounds overly-simplistic, how many of us find it difficult to give a good definition. If someone were to ask us the question, how would we define the New Testament?

2. Can you take a moment to define that word and talk about how it relates to our reading of the Bible as a whole and the New Testament in particular?

Since our region is mainly Baptist, Pentecostal, and non-denominational, I think it would be helpful to introduce our listeners to a very important word in this discussion: Dispensational.

3. How are we to come to an understanding of the New Testament, and how heavily does it depend on our understanding of the Old Testament?

This is in response to many conversations I have had with people who are afraid of the Old Testament, confused, or simply ignorant of any of the detail besides the story-book knowledge of the major stories (the flood, Daniel and the Lion’s den, David and Goliath, etc…).

4. Will you talk to us about how to understand the continuity and discontinuity of the two testaments and why it matters for us and our listeners to think through for everyday life?

This takes us to the climax of the discussion and what I want to focus on for the rest of our time. Being that the two portions of the Bible are identified as “old” and “new”, those terms may carry presuppositions and caricatures of old as bad and obsolete and new as good and innovative.

5. To close, do you have any additional thoughts or some books or sermons you would recommend to our listeners to further this conversation?

Thanks for the discussion Josh, I appreciate it!

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