The Benefit of Preaching the Old Testament to Modern Day People- An Interview With Stephen Spinnenwe

The Benefit of Preaching the Old Testament to Modern Day People- An Interview with Stephen Spinnenweber

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The benefit of preaching the Old Testament to modern day people is greater than ever. In the American church landscape, dispensationalism has subconsciously created a division between the two testaments in the minds of average Bible readers. Thus, the value and use of reading the Old Testament is quite small to most people.

Following our previous discussion about the continuity and discontinuity of the Old and New Testament, we are speaking about the value of preaching the Old Testament. Stephen Spinnenweber is a prime example of this. To help us, he’ll talk about his seminary training in covenant theology. In addition, Stephen will speak about his current expositional preaching of 1st Samuel.

  1. Stephen before we talk about preaching the Old Testament, would you define the Old Testament? While this may sound overly-simplistic, help us create a proper way to understand “Old” without negative connotations.

  1. Second, how has the need of preaching the Old Testament been taught to you in seminary? Give us a bit about your background and in what way your training has caused you to approach the Old Testament devotionally, theologically etc…

  1. Most people who attempt Bible reading plans tend to fall off track in the Old Testament. Why is that? Is it a boring/exciting issue, a tedious/simplistic issue, or a discipline issue. What is it about the Old Testament that we can’t seem to grasp compared to the New Testament? What helps you in this struggle?

  1. Next, you are currently preaching through the Old Testament, specifically 1st Samuel on Sunday mornings. What in the world led you to do that? This may be absolutely unconventional to most listeners and probably ill advised by people who prefer the New Testament for AM sermons. What type of impact has this had on you and the congregation?

  1. Convinced of the need for preaching the Old Testament today, the next question comes: How should we balance our intake of the Old Testament to the New Testament? Give us some practical advice and some ways this has been addressed to you (church life, seminary, personal counsel, etc.)

  1. To close, do you have any additional thoughts or some books or sermons you would recommend to our listeners to further this conversation?

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