Mastricht's Impact on Jonathan Edwards | with Dr. Matthew Everhard

Today we welcome to the show Dr. Matthew Everhard- pastor of Gospel Fellowship PCA, Jonathan Edwards scholar, and Youtuber with some great Bible and theology content. Since we are working through Peter van Mastricht's Theoretical Practical Theology, this was a great chance for us to sit down and have the dots connected between Peter van Mastricht and his profound impact on the great Jonathan Edwards!

Episode Questions for Dr. Everhard:

  1. What led you to become interested in Edwards?

  2. How were you first exposed to Peter van Mastricht?

  3. What is the story behind the famous quote about Mastricht from Jonathan Edwards on the back of Theoretical-Practical Theology?

  4. What do you like best about Theoretical-Practical Theology?

  5. Why should listeners spend their time devoted to men like Mastricht and Edwards- and how do they give us a deeper appreciation for the Bible?

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