I Don’t Know Where to Read in the Bible- Better Bible Reading Podcast Episode 18

I Don’t Know Where to Read in the Bible- Episode 18

The Better Bible Reading Podcast With Kevin Morris

How To Begin- Deciding Where to Read in the Bible

Do you take the time to think about where to read in the Bible? Many people don’t know where to read in the Bible, or they wait until sitting down to read before deciding on a book or Bible passage. This leads to lots of wasted reading time and never-ending rabbit trails. I want to help you know where to read in the Bible by thinking about what you read. This is episode 18 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast!

Our first step is to think about what Bible passages we read.

Paul tells Timothy (2nd Timothy 2:7) to “think over these things”. First of all, it’s important to know the context of this passage. Paul is giving Timothy pastoral instructions. He wants Timothy to take special care in thinking about what he is saying.

How does this relate to you and me in choosing where to read in the Bible? To answer that question, we must consider what Paul’s instruction to Timothy is: It is divine revelation. Or another way to say it- God’s word.

And if Paul is telling Timothy that God’s word is worth thinking over, then we conclude that reading God’s word requires concentration. You must have a distraction free environment when reading the Bible (at least what is humanly possible). Therefore, choosing where to read in the Bible before we sit down to read is absolutely essential to the reading process.

If we are spending time spinning our wheels, trying to choose a passage, then we aren’t doing a good job of thinking over the text. Instead, reading time is spent trying to pick a book or a topic. So what are our options?

Manage your Bible Reading Time

  1. Know the value of reading plans!

  2. All Scripture is God-breathed, so all Scripture is readable and read-worthy! You won’t pick a wrong book to read when you decide where to read!

  3. This shame is often masked by busyness. When we are ashamed of the Bible, we look to the world to fill our reading slot with other things

Keep a notebook handy

  1. This is how you can think about what you want to read beforehand (not while you’re sitting at your desk trying to read!).

  2. Ask: What topic or doctrine to I need to learn? What Bible book am I not familiar with? Jot those answers down, and use them as a reference when sitting down to read!

  3. God’s people are all called to care what He has to say, and we find what God says in the Bible.

  4. This is what Paul calls “rightly handling the word of truth”.


In the final analysis, knowing where to read in the Bible is all about taking seriously the fact that we should think through what we read. Therefore, we must have a clear process for our reading time. All scripture is God-breathed, so all scripture is worthy to be read!

Get rid of the thought that the Bible is not just mostly important. Everything in the Bible is important. If it’s from God, it’s important. So don’t get tripped up in thinking that you could possibly choose a wrong passage to read. The Bible calls us to redeem the time.

When we think about reading the Bible in this way, then we’ll want to do all we possibly can to maximize our time spent reading. You might not have known that you’re not asking a navigation question, you’re asking a time management question! These are simple, yet powerful ways to make the most of our time spent in the Bible.

Action Steps For You

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