How to Use the ESV Wide Margin Bible

The ESV Wide Margin Reference Bible is my go-to Bible for everyday use. There are many ways to take advantage of the wide margins on each page, but what is the best way to use them? In this video, I'll show you my notetaking system, and talk about why you should use this Bible for highlighting, underlining, and building a cross-reference system between the Old and New Testament

Favorite Feature:

Plenty of room to write on every page!

  • Font Size: 9 pt Margin Size: 1 inch (2 inches on each page)

  • Publisher: Crossway

  • Translation: English Standard Version (ESV)

  • Published: August 2014

Least Favorite Feature:

Because of their size, the cross-references would be easier to use if they were included after every verse, rather than a block on the bottom of each page.


If you've always wanted to take notes in your Bible but don't have room, a wide margin Bible is a dream come true! Get this Bible and use it to build your own reference and note system for Bible study.

Wide margin Bibles are a great way to track your study progress as well. To decide which book to study, simply turn to one that doesn't have notes yet! Use this Bible for slow and steady progress through each passage of Scripture. I recommend working through small passages at a time.

Purchasing the ESV Wide Margin Bible

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But the ESV Wide Margin Bible

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