How to Use an Interleaved "Blank" Bible

The NKJV Interleaved "Blank" Bible is a great option if you're looking for a Bible with tons of room for notes. Popularized by Jonathan Edward's own "blank Bible", this Bible could be used to create your own study Bible, fine-tune your notes from other Bibles, and even pass it on to your children or loved ones as a family heirloom. But what is the best way to use an interleaved Bible? Here is my review and my recommendations for how to get the most out of this Bible, and why you should add it to your personal library!

Favorite Feature

More room for notes than any other kind of Bible!

  • Font Size: 9 pt

  • Margin Size: 1-page with no lines (11X6 book dimension)

  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson Bibles

  • Translation: New King James Version (NKJV)

  • Published: 2021

Least Favorite Feature

Because the font is as large as possible, the line spacing is pretty tight, which can make lines of the text seem stacked against each other if you read it for too long at one. However, I would rather have small spacing with large text rather than large spacing with small text!


If you want to know what to do after completing your journaling Bible or wide margin Bible, don't simply buy a new one! Instead, look for something like this interleaved Bible as a great way to get even more out of the notes you've already taken. The interleaved Bible can be used as your "greatest hits" of all your other Bible notes, all in one place!

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