How to Highlight Your Wide Margin Bible

Highlighting your Bible can be a powerful study tool that helps you meditate and grow in your knowledge of God's word. Unfortunately, there are so many options for highlighting the Bible and confusing systems that it's easy to feel like Bible highlighting is too complicated, and therefore unnecessary. I hope to change that misconception in this video!

What's Covered in This Video

  • How many highlighters do you need for your Bible?

  • What colors should you choose?

  • Explaining my simple approach to highlighting the Bible,

  • Why I recommend using highlighters in a wide margin Bible.

In this video, I use the ESV Wide Margin Bible, which is a great choice. However, any wide margin Bible will do!

Please note: The Bible link above is my affiliate link. This is at no extra cost to you, but it does support me if you choose to purchase through my link!

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