How I Recommend Using the ESV Journaling Bible | Bible Review

The ESV Journaling Bible is compact and very easy to carry. But what is the best way to use it? In this video, I'll show you an easy and helpful way to use the journal margin on each page to write your way from Genesis to Revelation!

Favorite Feature:

Helpful and concise Bible book introductions!


  • Font Size: 7 pt

  • Margin Size: 2 inches

  • Published: August 2018

Least Favorite Feature:

The text size can be a bit small! But for an easy fix, just get the larger-sized Journaling Bible!

Final Verdict:

Get this Bible and use it for writing your own chapter summaries in each book of the Bible. This will build your memory and knowledge of the context in each book. Use it as a way to train yourself to better articulate the content of the Bible to others as well!

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