Did the Sermon Preach the Text? | Mastricht Session #4

From Theoretical-Practical Theology Volume 1, pages 7-11.

Did the Sermon Preach the Text?

Peter van Mastricht wants to encourage pastors to make sure that their sermons stay focused on the sermon text. The way to do this is by maintaining a careful balance in the way the sermon is presented. But this also means that those listening to sermons should appreciate the difficult balance of rightly dividing the Word while preaching the whole counsel of God.

This episode will encourage listeners to encourage their pastors, as they deal carefully with the sermon text. How many sermons are guilty of drifting further and further away from the text as they go on? A sermon can be biblical without relating to the sermon text whatsoever. We can call these 'biblical tangents', something many pastors are guilty of. We'll cover all this and more, from Mastricht's The Best Method of Preaching.

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