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Episode 6: A Library- How to Read and Understand Bible Genres

podcast Mar 21, 2019

Do you think about the Bible as a library? If you want to find something in the library, you start by knowing what section to look for and then going to that right section.

It might surprise you to know that this is exactly how the Bible is categorized for us. While there is much more to the Bible than genres, understanding how to read the genres of the Bible is an important step towards better Bible reading.


Episode 5: Preaching the Old Testament Today with Stephen Spinnenweber

interviews podcast Mar 07, 2019

The benefit of preaching the Old Testament to modern day people is greater than ever. In the American church landscape, dispensationalism has subconsciously created a division between the two testaments in the minds of average Bible readers. Thus, the value and use of reading the Old Testament is quite small to most people.

Following our previous discussion about the continuity and discontinuity of the Old and New Testament, we are speaking about the value of preaching the Old Testament. Stephen Spinnenweber is a prime example of this. To help us, he’ll talk about his seminary training in covenant theology. In addition,...


Episode 4: The Continuity in the Old and New Testaments with Josh Hinson

interviews podcast Feb 21, 2019

Any Bible reader must approach the text with a willingness to explain the difference between the Old and New Testament. These approaches could differ dramatically depending on someone’s interpretation method or church denomination.

Today I welcome Josh Hinson, senior pastor of Ortega Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Florida. He’ll talk about the best approach to connecting the Old and New Testament together. This will especially be helpful for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Old Testament’s story line.  

In the American church landscape, denominations have changed dramatically over the last few...


Episode 3: What is the Bible? The Question Every Reader Must Answer

podcast Feb 06, 2019

On today’s episode of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin discusses the important conversation that lies behind the question, what is the Bible?

How we answer that question has massive implications for how we read and study the Bible. While everyone has their answer to this question, not every answer can be right.

Following our conversation last week we must ask this important question. But how we answer this question is going to have monumental impact on everything we do concerning scripture, church attendance, Christianity, and much more.

Because I know the direction we’re going in the upcoming episodes, I...


Episode 2: Bible Study as a Discipline with J. Harrison Pickett

interviews podcast Jan 23, 2019

On Episode 2 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin welcomes J. Harrison Pickett to the show, pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Hilliard, Florida.

In the interview, Kevin discusses with Jesse the concept of studying the Bible as a discipline We might ask- how does this differ from reading the Bible? This episode helps listeners learn how to read and study the Bible specifically and fruitfully.

Show Notes and Mentioned Resources

Here are the questions explored in this episode:

  1. With your vocational journey including bible college, seminary, and pastoral ministry, you have a unique angle in answering this question. What...

Episode 1: Introduction to the Show

podcast Jan 08, 2019

On Episode 1 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin explains the goal of this show and what to expect. It’s all about helping you put better Bible reading methods into practice!

Do you have trouble knowing where to begin when it comes to studying the Bible? In this introductory episode, Kevin welcomes you to the show and explains his passion for helping people understand the Bible. If you are interested in knowing what to expect in the upcoming episodes of this podcast, then this episode is for you!

Partial Transcript:

Hey everyone this is Kevin Morris here with the Better Bible Reading Podcast and I am so glad that you are able...

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