How to Read the Bible in 2021.

How to Read the Bible in 2021.

all podcasts Jan 07, 2021

Welcome to a new season of the Better Bible Reading Podcast! Before we get into all the new editions of the show, I want to open things up this year about a very predictable but no less important topic: How to read the Bible in 2021. While the Bible hasn't changed since last year, I want to encourage YOU to change things up, in order to improve your reading experience this year.

To help, I'm sharing what I'll be doing different this year as well as my own Bible reading plan!

January - March

  • Pentateuch 2 chapters

  • Wisdom 2 chapters

April - July

  • Gospel & Acts 1 chapter

  • History 2 chapters

August - December 

  • Epistles 1 chapter

  • Prophets 2 chapters


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