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Episode 79: A Greater Prophet- The Gospel According to the Old Testament

Welcome to episode 79 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast with Kevin Morris! Today's episode is entitled "A Greater Prophet". As we continue our study of the gospel according to the Old Testament, we turn to the office of prophet to see how Jesus fulfills both the message of the Old Testament prophets, and the office of prophet itself in His earthly ministry. While there are many prophets in the Old Testament, the central prophet who anticipates a fulfillment of his own ministry is Moses. Today we will learn why this is important and how it enhances our view of Jesus' earthly ministry.



Of all the people introduced to us in the first 5 books of the bible, no one stands out as a central figure more that Moses. Of all the titles that could’ve been given to Moses, some of us may be surprised to learn that Moses was first and foremost a Prophet. We will learn why this was important and why it is necessary for us to understand today Deuteronomy 34:10-12 When we look at the story of the Exodus, what were some of the key ways Moses functioned as Prophet? (Let those who have been in Bible Max through our study of Exodus help explain this). Scripture honors Moses as a great prophet, but He was not without his faults (Numbers 20:10-13). Though he was faithful, he was not perfect. What was the promise Moses gave to the Israelites shortly before his death regarding this? See Deuteronomy 18:15-19 Hebrews 3:1-6 From the moment of that promise, all Israel was looking for this coming Prophet. By the time Jesus came onto the scene, this was a vitally important issue (see John 1:19-23, John 1:43-45, John 6:14, John 7:40). How does Hebrews tell us that Jesus is the indeed the greater prophet? Main Idea In Luke 9:28-31, Jesus spoke of his own departure (literally, “exodus”) that he was about to accomplish. This means that Jesus had an exodus in mind when he looked towards the cross. How is the Exodus story of Moses a foreshadowing of Jesus and His Greater Exodus? How does this change the way you’ve considered Moses and the story of God in the Old Testament?


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