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Episode 75: Good News in the Garden- The Gospel According to the Old Testament

Does the Old Testament contain the good news about Jesus- the news that we read about in the New Testament? Welcome to a new series on Teaching Thursdays called The Gospel According to the Old Testament: Types, Shadows, and the Substance of Christ. 

We are going to begin a series covering the major themes of the Old Testament and how those themes find a grand fulfillment in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Today we begin the series by discussing The Good News in the Garden, from Genesis 3:15!



The Good News in the Garden

Genesis 3:1-19

The bible doesn’t tell us anything about the serpent prior to the beginning of Genesis 3, but scripture does indicate that this serpent is Satan himself (Revelation 12:9). What seems to be his main goal in his conversation with Eve?

After Adam and Eve sinned, God cursed mankind, but He didn’t do so without making a promise. Explain how Genesis 3:15 is the foretelling of the gospel message.

To help us understand that the gospel message is directly related to the bruising of the serpent’s head by the woman’s offspring, let’s look at several passages about Jesus and the serpent:

Hebrews 2:14-15

How does Hebrews 2:15 say that Jesus destroys the devil? How does this fit with Genesis 3:15?

1st John 3:8-10

What are the two offspring mentioned in 1st John and how are they related to Genesis 3:15? What has God accomplished by sending His Son for us, according to this passage?

How does all of this change your concept on God adopting us into His family? What offspring did we formerly belong to?

Main Idea

The gospel literally means “good news; happy tidings”. How would you describe to someone the reason why we need good news, according to the passages we’ve read.

Using what we’ve learned, suppose someone asked you to tell them what the gospel is. What would you say to them, assuming they have no knowledge of the bible or of the term ‘gospel’?


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