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Episode 74: Do Church Denominations Matter?

interviews podcast Aug 27, 2020

Do church denominations matter? Our answer will directly affect the way we think about the Bible, God, and corporate worship on Sunday mornings. Obviously, it's a question worth asking, and especially one worth answering with strong conviction. To help us think through this, I sit down with my friend Stephen Spinnenweber, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville Florida.

This is episode 74 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast with Kevin Morris!



Questions in this podcast include: 

  1. Why should we care about choosing a church denomination?
  2. How have denominations blurred the lines today compared to their origins? (i.e. Baptist could also mean Pentecostal or reformed, and Presbyterian could mean liberal)
  3. How has this made for confusing distinctions -Describe your own journey into denominations and what led you to choose Presbyterianism?
  4. How do confessions (which seem complex) actually help simplify the issue?
  5. While not everyone will agree on a denomination, should we strive to identify as Presbyterian or Methodist for example?
  6. Finally, while no denomination is perfect, what are the essential issues that should guide our decision on a denomination?

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