Episode 1: Introduction to the Better Bible Reading Podcast

Episode 1: Introduction to the Show

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On Episode 1 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin explains the goal of this show and what to expect. It’s all about helping you put better Bible reading methods into practice!

Do you have trouble knowing where to begin when it comes to studying the Bible? In this introductory episode, Kevin welcomes you to the show and explains his passion for helping people understand the Bible. If you are interested in knowing what to expect in the upcoming episodes of this podcast, then this episode is for you!

Partial Transcript:

Hey everyone this is Kevin Morris here with the Better Bible Reading Podcast and I am so glad that you are able to take some time to hang out with me for this very first episode of the podcast. It’s been a long time coming and I am so excited to finally be starting this podcast for you! You may have found this podcast simply by looking around on iTunes or maybe if you have google play you were looking around on podcast and you just stumbled across things here. But more than likely you found out about this through my website

Let me just say once again thank you so much for taking some time to listen to this. I would like to start out this episode in a slightly different way than what I have planned for the upcoming episodes. My thought process of this podcast is exactly what the title is: Better Bible reading. Now that is not a title that I decided to pick because I am trying to tell you that this is a better podcast compared to others. But instead what I’m saying is this podcast is to help you practice better Bible reading habits.

It’s the task of all of us throughout our course of life to find the right way to understand the Bible, to read it, to apply it, to submit to it. But it’s a huge task. It’s going to take our entire lives of fine-tuning and learning and discovering. But what I hope to do in this podcast is to help you with that. And that’s going to be done in a variety of different ways. I have teachings lined up that I’m going to be sharing, interviews with different pastors and theologians that will help us wrestle with the common and uncommon issues that come with reading the Bible and understanding it….

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