Episode 85: Back to the Garden- The Gospel According to the Old Testament

Episode 85: Back to the Garden- The Gospel According to the Old Testament

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Welcome to Teaching Thursdays! Today is episode 85 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast entitled "Back to the Garden". We conclude our series today by looking at how the Bible describes the new heavens and new earth. Contrary to the pop culture renditions of heaven, the Bible takes us back to the scene in Genesis 1-2 and shows us how we look forward to a better version of the Garden of Eden.

We'll discuss that and more!


How would you describe heaven? If you had to talk about it as a place, what would be the characteristics of it? Revelation paints this picture for us in a more definitive way than you might think. In this final lesson, we will learn that the point of The End and everything between is to get us back to the Beginning.


Genesis 1:1/Revelation 21:1

  1. Our promise is a promise to dwell in this New Heaven and Earth with God. How does Revelation 21:1-8 remind you of the first two chapters of Genesis?
  2. To further examine the New Heaven and Earth, let’s revisit the events in Genesis 3: What was the punishment of Adam and Eve after they sinned against God? What did they have and enjoy prior to sinning?
  3. Revelation 22:1-5 continues to describe the New Heaven and Earth for us. How do these scriptures resemble life in the garden? 
  1. Lastly, we read Jesus’ words in the beginning of Revelation as a promise to the churches that endure to the end. Let’s look specifically at Revelation 2:7 in His promise to the Ephesian church. Have you considered what Heaven truly is, based on these words in Revelation?



Main Idea

  1. As we’ve looked very briefly at the main idea of the Old Testament and our promise of what’s to come for God’s people, what is God actively doing from His promise in Genesis 3:15 until the end of Revelation?
  2. Because of this, how important is it for us to deeply consider every page of scripture as ultimately being about Jesus?
  3. How has this study helped you navigate through the Old Testament with a better understanding of the main storyline?

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