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Episode 81: A Greater King- The Gospel According to the Old Testament


Welcome to Teaching Thursdays! Today is episode 81 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast entitled "A Greater King". As we continue our study of the gospel according to the Old Testament, we talk about the third office of the Old Testament that Jesus fulfills: King. We'll look at the relationship between Jesus and the most notable king in the Old Testament, king David. This episode emphasizes the way that David placed his eyes on Jesus as the true heir to the throne.

After Moses, the next key figure in the Old Testament is King David. David was the standard of the kingship in Israel’s history. Some examples of this are the comparison of every king after him, whether good or bad (2 Kings 14:3, 2 Kings 22:2).

This week we will learn what David’s legacy teaches us about Jesus and the promise found in His Kingdom.

We Look at Psalm 22 Of all the similarities found between Jesus and David, the most notable one is the similarity of trials they faced. David wrote Psalm 22 to speak of some of his own trials, but they ultimately had greater meaning that just David’s life.

What are the verses you recognize in this Psalm as pointing to Jesus?

What are some other well-known examples in David’s life you recognize as foreshadowing the life of Jesus? (David & Goliath, persecution from Saul, best friend named Jonathan, etc…)

David defeated Goliath with unlikely means. Who did Jesus defeat and what were the unlikely means of His victory? Just like Moses, David was not without sin and God again promised another to come in place of David the king. ( Isaiah 9:6-7, Isaiah 22:22, Luke 2:11, John 3:16, Revelation 3:7). What do these scriptures tell us about the kind of king that Jesus is?

Lastly, our hope in Christ is seeing Him as King. Calling Jesus our Lord is the title of King and ruler to us. In the closing chapter of Revelation, Jesus reveals himself in the following way “I am the root and descendant of David”.

Why do you think Jesus used this as the final way of identifying Himself in the bible? How has this correlation between David and Jesus broadened your understanding of the Old Testament storyline?


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