Better Bible Reading Podcast Episode 2- Bible Study As A Discipline: An Interview with Jesse Pickett

The Better Bible Reading Podcast with Kevin Morris

Episode 2- Bible Study As A Discipline: An Interview with Jesse Pickett

On Episode 2 of the Better Bible Reading Podcast, Kevin welcomes J. Harrison Pickett to the show, pastor of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Hilliard, Florida. In the interview, Kevin discusses with Jesse the concept of studying the Bible as a discipline We might ask- how does this differ from reading the Bible? This episode helps listeners learn how to read and study the Bible specifically and fruitfully.


Here are the questions explored in this episode:

With your vocational journey including bible college, seminary, and pastoral ministry, you have a unique angle in answering this question. What does it mean to study the Bible as a discipline and how might we distinguish that from reading the Bible?

Does the Bible seem to communicate to us a mandate in regular reading and studying, or simply one or the other?

For someone who might be new to Christianity or at least new to a commitment to Bible study and is starting from scratch, what would be your counsel to them?

I understand you were brought up in a Christians home with a respect and perhaps a love for the Bible. Trace out for us what kind of approach or method you had growing up if there was one, and what ways that has been affected by your time in Bible college and seminary.

You are a Presbyterian minister, but I know that you did not grow up in a Presbyterian context. What role does your denominational affiliation have in the way that you view the importance of Bible study? Do you think this is unique to your denominational context?

What type of Bible study methods do you follow these days? Do you make a distinction in reading and studying in your routine? Walk us through a typical weekly routine of your current study of the Bible.

We want to recognize the importance of Christian literature as aides to our study of the Bible. What are some books (maybe 5 or less) that have been so impactful in your own life that you would recommend our listeners to get as a must-read, at least as it relates to this topic?

Are there any other things you would like to mention to aide our discussion, or some caveats about Bible study?

Top Five Book Recommendations by Jesse:

Pilgrim’s Progress- John Bunyan

The Holiness of God-  R.C. Sproul

Chosen By God- R.C. Sproul

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