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What's the Big Idea with Better Bible Reading?

Let me start by saying that Better Bible Reading is not meant to use the word "better" as a way to compare what I am doing with other resources around the web or at your local church. I certainly don't believe that I am "better" than your other options for growth in the Bible. Instead, what "better" means is taking your bad or just average Bible reading and taking serious steps to transform it to "better". That's the name of the game here at BBR.

What I mean practically when I talk about better Bible reading is simple. I give you the tools and the learning to revolutionize your Bible reading process. If you put in the time and implement what I teach here, these results are what you will be able to say once you start interacting with the content and courses I’ve created for you.

Better Bible reading could mean:

  1. Knowing where to start!

  2. Eliminating the distractions that rob your concentration and consistency.

  3. Gaining the confidence to know where to find answers to your Bible questions.

  4. Investing your time wisely when reading, in order to get more reading done in less time.

  5. Following (and finishing) a Bible reading plan, customized to your unique schedule.

  6. Being able to say, the Old Testament is no longer intimidating!

If that sounds like a Bible reading experience that you want, but don’t have, then welcome friend! You’ve come to a place developed especially with you in mind.

We’ve all experienced the vanity of empty reading. Think of it as the reading version of writer’s block. Sometimes empty reading happens because of distractions. Other times it happens because we’re using not-so-good strategies. That might be okay if we’re talking about hobbies, but we’re not, are we?

To be clear, reading the Bible is a passion of mine. I have experimented with techniques and practices, in order to find the best way to enjoy the experience of Bible reading. But as you know, we live in a distracting world.

Sometimes finding solutions to empty reading is not so easy. If your passion is Bible reading (or you want it to be) but don’t know where to begin, I am here to help you. I’ll teach you how to implement strategies aimed at reaping the full reward of spending time with God in His word. So how did this come together? What’s my angle and interest in helping you? Here’s a short bio to give you some context about myself.

My story is a little different than the normal order of events. At the age of 19 I helped start a church in my hometown. A year later I wanted to serve the church in greater capacity, so I began training for a future as a pastor. With no formal learning in Bible college or seminary, I studied on my own and learned as much as I could.

It didn’t take long to realize that learning on your own is tough! Just like other educational categories (diet, fitness, etc…) Bible training is provided as a wealth of information, but that information is spread out all around the internet. It was tough to find reliable teachers, and most of the learning platforms really didn’t work.

When I realized this, I began to feel burdened for people who didn’t have a good approach to studying the Bible, or people that assumed you had to attend Bible college or seminary in order to have a solid knowledge of the Bible.

Here’s what I knew about myself:

  1. Teaching the Bible is my vocation. It is something I must do and something I love to do

  2. Reading the Bible is a confusing exercise for many people. They want to read the Bible better, but often don’t know where to begin.

This caused me to realize that my dream is not only to teach people the Bible, but to help people learn how to read it! At that moment, Better Bible Reading was born, and the rest is history.

Better Bible Reading was created as a website, publishing articles podcast episodes and video content to help you read and study the Bible. In my Bible teaching career, I always love to help people experience clarity and find answers to their problems.

But as you might know, we can only know the Bible if we take the time to read it. I’m here to help you do just that.

I am so thankful you are here.

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